Designed With and For Doctors

Synthebio’s products are designed so that the doctor can perform an effective treatment and deliver a satisfactory result to his patients by optimizing his time. Indeed, at Synthebio we are fully aware of the constraints of private practice; we know that the doctor has a duty to his patients, whom he knows, who return and refer other patients when the expected results are delivered. That is why we favour safety and efficiency.
The financial aspects taken into account from the design stage make it possible to offer treatments that are more accessible to patients. Our goal is not to make money by selling a device, but to share with the practitioner the fruits of successful treatments over the long term. The practitioner has absolutely no investment to make, no purchase, rental or leasing, and no commitment to keep the device: Synthebio takes care of the investment. In this way, everyone wins: practitioner and patient alike.

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